Essential oils

img_0066I have been hearing for years about essential oils and I have used them here and there, but after my best friend in California sent me a few, and then people kept mentioning them to me. I knew I needed to start using them. I have been using them for the past year. They have really helped a lot!

Our most used oils-

Peppermint – sore feet/back/congestion- I rub it directly on my tummy for tummy ache.

Lavender- Oh Lovely lavender so good for relaxing and I put it on Ashleigh’s feet at night to help her sleep.

Tea tree oil- helps me with just about an kind of bump or breakout including in-grown hair

Frankincense- I  I put a little bit in my bath every night . It has tons of benefits.

do TERRA blends – I have too many favorites to list!

If you haven’t tried oils- I highly recommend them. Make sure they are 100% pure.





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