Change is Good, right?

The last year has been a lot of change for me and my family. New house, new town, new school, new gluten free diet. It can be pretty overwhelming. My kids are doing great, I think I am too. I just started Whole30 and also exercising 30 minutes a day. I feel great 60% of the time, which is an improvement. More on that later…

My name is Leigh Anna, and as my dear friend calls me, Leigh Anna 2.0. (Two-point-oh)  Not only has the last year brought me closer to God, but also a lot of other changes. I have had tons of health challenges for too many years to count, so this is the year for CHANGE! So I embarked on the Whole30 plan, and reluctantly but on his own, my husband started with me after I was about 9 days in, so I started over again , yea I am crazy. So I don’t even really know what day I am on, but I love it and I intend to keep it going. It is a bit crazy, cooking every meal and homeschooling at the same time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being home with my kids and making meals for my family especially my husband, who thinks he is wasting away from whole30 LOL! I have 2 kids that are still at home. So basically this blog will be my recipes and maybe whining about Homeschooling!  😉

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  1. Anna wilson says:

    Love all the ideas and the pictures. I will try some of the recipes. Beautiful job Leigh Anna.


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